Generator Changeover Switch

Is your home or business "storm ready"? With a generator changeover/transfer switch from the electrical specialists from Fallon Electrical, you would be able to switch your power over to generator power in the event of an electrical outage.


Generator Changeover Switch Installation In Brisbane

1. Switch To Generator Power After Storms

Benefit from a transfer option in the event of a prolonged power outage, where you can switch from the power grid to local generator sourced power. Depending on generator capacity, you will be able to run devices in their original locations in the home or business.


2. Professional Generator Changeover Switch Installation In Brisbane

Fallon are Master Electricians - you can be sure of an expert installation that helps you keep your power running.


3. Pricing By The Job, Not The Hour: Know The Price Before We Start Work

Generator Changeover Switch Installation In Brisbane

Relax, as you'll know the price of your generator changeover switch installation up front. We'll quote you the full price of all work through to completion.


4. Trusted For Over 60 Years

Generator Changeover Switch Installation In Brisbane

We're the trusted electricians of choice in hundreds of thousands of other Brisbane and surrounding area homes and have been providing quality, expert electrical solutions for over 60 years.


6. Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

When you choose Fallon Electrical to attend to your home's electrical repairs and solutions, you can be sure of satisfaction guaranteed service

For expert generator changeover switch installation in your home or business across Brisbane and SE Queensland, choose the experienced professionals and call on the friendly team at Fallon Electrical today.

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